Emerald Diamond Pinky Ring

Emerald Diamond Pinky Ring

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Emerald is known as a stone of unconditional and universal love, ideal for anyone in the process of repairing their own heart and seeking a stronger connection to the love within.

  • 14K rose gold
  • Emerald and diamonds

The Airelume is a collection of handcrafted fine jewelry made of deeply charged, energetically meaningful gemstones. These designs act as wearable talismans of love and protection and as reminders of one's infinite truth. Each gemstone is individually selected and carries a unique, earth-bound energy.

While we encourage you to live, move, and feel in this jewelry in order to make it an extension of your presence, these pieces should be treated with care and protected by removing before certain activities such working out, showering or washing your hands. 

This beautifully potent piece was designed to support you in your daily rituals and rhythms and to manifest a consistent connection to your soul and spirit. 

Please remember that each stone is unique, so colors may vary slightly from what you see in photos.

To customize a special piece or to place an order for an out of stock item please email theairelume@theclass.com.