The Waterlume: an Airelume Collection

Introducing The Waterlume, a line of contemporary, energetically potent crystal jewelry that draws upon the ease and flow of the sea and the sacred power of water. Choose a singular piece as a touchstone of love and protection, or pair your Waterlume with complementary pieces from The Airelume collection to support you in your daily rituals and rhythms.


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Isla Droplet Bracelet + Isla Signet Ring

The Isla Droplet Bracelet is an homage to the element of water and the shape its droplets make. Layer all three or pair a single strand with the Isla Signet Ring, a coin-shaped piece with wave iconography and moons of blue topaz or opal. 

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Isla Coin Pendant + North Star Necklace

Harness the water's energy with our Isla Coin Pendant, a delicate yet powerful piece marked by wave detailing and an arc of energizing crystals. Support your intuition with the North Star Necklace, a stunning third-eye design flanked by celestial engravings to offset center stones.

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North Star Drop Earrings

Amplify your intuition while attracting positive energy with the North Star Drop Earrings, a third-eye motif that channels the sea and sky with its dew drop and star iconography.

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Droplet Earrings and Droplet Ring

Channel your inner goddess with the Droplet Earrings and Droplet Ring, two exquisite pieces meant to marry the power of Earth, ocean, and sky with their crystal energies, water motif, and North Star detailing.  

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Crystal Point Pendant

This statement piece is meant to fortify the heart and solar plexus chakras. Wear the Crystal Point Pendant  alone or layered with other necklaces from The Waterlume collection.

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