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We're celebrating the mother figures in our lives with the things they want most.

To kick things off—and help you find the perfect gift—we turned to moms and caretakers in our Community to learn more about their favorite things, frustrations, and stressors. Then we compiled the very best gifts to take the guesswork out of giving.


Bundles of Joy

Wrap them up in what they crave most—Me Time, Joy, Space, Relaxation, and Creature Comforts.


The Airelume

Shop our fine jewelry collection for one-of-a-kind gemstones to match their unique energy.

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Tokens of Gratitude

From bath bombs to lip balms, body creams to books, these tokens of love are all $30 and under.

Give the Gift of Movement

The best present of all? Presence. By dropping into our bodies through breath and movement, we can show up more effectively for ourselves and for the ones we nurture. Share a Class from our Mother's Day collection that matches their state of mind or stage of life. Or send all five and let them pick the one that moves them.


The Class for Mom Guilt with Hannah


The Class with Kids with Taryn


The Class to Celebrate YOU, Mama with Sophia


The Class for When Your Kids Are Too Much with Karla


The Class for Body Love with Marina

And for those who wish to choose your own adventure, check out our complete offerings on The Shop or select a Gift Card so they can take home what they love most.