This year, we're walking the walk and exercising our gratitude practice as we enter the holiday season.

We're inviting joy and celebrating those who fill up our cup. We welcome you to do the same. 

Start with a list. Who has softened the edges of your day, month, or year?

Your partner? A childhood friend? That colleague? The mail person? Your neighbor? Teacher? Barista? Watch as the list grows and the gratitude multiplies.

Now, let's fill up their cups. We're spreading the love far and wide with items that range from deeply personal and dazzling, to small tokens of appreciation that can make anybody feel seen. 

Largely thoughtful yet small in size, use these tokens to show somebody they mean something to you. It always is the little things.  

It's cold outside, so let's cozy up to the person who makes you feel warm inside. For the one who likes to hibernate in hygge style.

Stronger things have never happened. Elevate your at-home practice with eleven Class tools that strengthen the body, mind, and telekinetic powers.

On the road again. Items for the one who doesn't stay in one place for too long. Help them lighten their luggage.

Okay but is the shiny things.
Dazzle and wow that special someone with something that shines as bright as them.

Are you forgetting someone?

Don't forget to take care of yourself this season, too.

Draw a bath, put on a playlist, and take a moment for you. Give a little gratitude for all that you are, and all that you've accomplished this year. You are a gift.

Happy Holidays.

The Class Team