Go Lightly Candle
Go Lightly Candle
Go Lightly Candle

Go Lightly Candle

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go lightly.

Our signature candle is both grounding, calming, and uplifting with notes of palo santo, pine, tonka, neroli, and jasmine. The nude vessel is a simple yet beautiful and addition to the decor of any space and elevates the vibration with its healing aromatic properties.

Each 14 oz candle is made with 100% natural soy wax and hand poured in Brooklyn, NY.

We invite you to create ritualize each lighting of the candle. Pause and take in the sensory experience this moment offers. You can create your own, or borrow from ours.

The Ritual
Strike a match
Light the candle
Listen to the flame catch the wick
Feel the warmth
Smell the notes of earth
Get comfortable
Soften your gaze
Relax your shoulders
Unclench your jaw
Settle in
Release your breath
Deep inhale
Deep exhale
Go inside

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