Slay All Day
Slay All Day
Slay All Day
Slay All Day
Slay All Day

Slay All Day

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Formulated by Apothékary, this formula is a rich source of vitamins and minerals to provide you with a pre-Class energy boost, increase stamina, support muscle and joint tissue, and prevent immune depletion.

The creamy adaptogenic Matcha blend provides a jitter-free, long-lasting energy boost, while simultaneously detoxing and boosting your immune system. Basically, a matcha made in heaven.

What it does

Particularly effective as a replacement for coffee, Slay All Day will give you the tools and energy to conquer the day or your life. Organic Japanese Matcha combined with the detoxifying properties of Chlorella and immune-boosting Ginseng make for a powerful AM-to-PM whole-body balancer.

Full ingredients list: 

  • Chlorella and Ginseng are two powerful adaptogens that help to boost our immune and digestive systems.

  • Japanese Matcha is an antioxidant- and L-Theanine-rich plant that contains both Yin and Yang aspects by increasing energy and promoting an overall sense of balance, starting from the gut.  

  • Pea Protein supports joints and muscle growth and promotes a healthy gut.

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