Tongue Scraper
Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper

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Tongue cleaning is an ancient Ayurveda ritual for maintaining oral hygiene, removing toxins, and helping improve your ability to taste.

Copper tongue scrapers are known for their antibacterial properties making it easy to remove toxins and prevent bacteria from growing on the scraper itself. In Ayurveda a tongue cleaner is suggested to build, and maintain, strong immunity. Tongue scraping stimulates the digestive tract and improves your digestive fire, meaning that you’ll be able to absorb nutrients easier.

While sleeping a coating of undigested particles build up on your tongue. When you awaken these particles need to be removed to freshen breath. Using tongue scrapers daily is proven to reduce bad breath by removing this unwanted coating. Since your tongue will be less coated, so you will even be able to taste your food better.

Made from the finest 100% copper, this metal tongue scraper will last much longer than a plastic tongue cleaner. Because this can be reused it’s better for the environment and promotes reuse instead of waste. This was intentionally designed with a non-synthetic grip handle.

Cleaning: This tongue cleaner is easy to clean with warm water and natural soap. Simply rinse with your hands then pat dry with a towel. Clean your scraper each morning after use to ensure the removal of unwanted bacteria.

FDA Approved.

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