The Fall Cleanse
The Fall Cleanse

The Fall Cleanse

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After you purchase your e-book, you will receive a Welcome email that will include your digital download file. This email will also include your daily messages of motivational messages from The Class team, curated Cleanse playlists, and access to daily movement sessions led by Teacher and Certified Nutritional Chef Tia Spowart.


Purchase the E-Book + The Essentials. 

With this option you will receive all of the above, plus the best of The Cleanse tools for detox rituals, delivered to your door. Get all the below, a $204 value, for $165 when purchased as part of the "Go Deeper" package.

    • The Cleanse Booklet: A spiral-bound copy of The Cleanse so you can read the recipes with more ease, and take it with you to the grocery store or farmer's market.
    • The Cleanse Morning Flow: An adaptogen-infused golden blend containing the ingredients of The Cleanse morning tonic, to be taken at the start of each day.
    • Calm Mab Sticks: A box of 28 sticks, packed with Ashwagandha, Chamomile, Hops, CBN from hemp, and Lemon Balm to get you into a state of deep relaxation as your nightly detox ritual.  
    • Pursoma After The Class Bath Soak: Specifically created to enrich the benefits of The Class, this soothing soak gently brings you home to your body post-workout, and is a Cleanse staple. Pursoma's special formula is designed to detoxify, uplift, and relieve tension, and is part of The Cleanse ritual.  
    • Eucalyptus Cleansing Bundle: Purify and raise the vibration in your space by lighting this beautiful cleansing wand of sage and eucalyptus, complete with a selenite crystal for peace and protection.  


Purchase the E-Book + The Essentials + Holistic Health Coaching Sessions.

Receive all of the above, plus two 40-minute health coaching sessions with your choice of The Class Health Coach. 

Raj Barker is a Teacher of The Class, as well as a Holistic Health Nutritionist. Raj has a bachelor of health science in nutritional medicine, and is a practiced holistic nutritionist with an emphases on food as medicine. She also focuses on the whole picture of each individual. Acknowledging that all parts of us and our story influences the whole, Raj sees each person as unique and tailors a plan to meet her clients wherever they are at. Raj grew up in Australia and moved to NYC in 2015 to explore health and wellness, exploring and testing a multitude of healing methods along the way.

Tia Spowart is a Teacher of The Class, as well as a Certified Nutritional Chef (Precision Nutrition L1; Culinary Arts Level 1 Certification). Tia believes that whole body health is rooted in nourishing everything from our cells to our soul. She believes in bringing a balanced and abundant approach to her coaching and cooking. Tia adds vibrancy to your plate and to your perspective: the brighter the plate, the brighter the body! In addition to her Nutritional Chef business and Class Teaching, she is a People & Culture Collaborator. Whether she is on the mat, behind the stove, or creating corporate culture programs, Tia is passionate about helping others live their most vibrant lives. 

After you purchase this model, you will receive an additional email with steps on how to schedule your consultation appointments with the health coach of your choice over Zoom. For questions about this offer, please reach out to 

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