Small Cures

Small Cures

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Small Cures -- is exactly that. Small Cures to heal your heart. Whether you read it cover to cover or close your eyes and open it to any page you're drawn to, this book will speak to whatever you’re feeling and provide comfort, insight, and even revelation for a broken, breaking, or uncertain heart. - The Class Teacher, CJ Frogozo

In this beautifully tender and ambitious debut collection, the much-loved viral poet Della Hicks-Wilson weaves together more than 150 poems written over the course of seven years into a single one - to form an unforgettable and empowering book-length ode to self-love in three lyrical parts (diagnosis, treatment and recovery). These interconnected poems about the heart, letting go, and healing love gives readers powerful tidbits and quotes that they can carry for a lifetime.

you feel heavy
because you are
too full of truth.

open your mouth more.
let the truth exist
somewhere other than
inside your body.’

Featuring never-before-seen poems and follower favorites, Small Cures is the transformative and soothing bite-sized prescription to both read and gift, that every person craving to fall in love with themselves has been waiting for.

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