The Class by Taryn Toomey

Pre-Class Ritual Bundle

A collection of our Teachers' favorite pre-Class tools and rituals.

This bundle includes 5 individual packets of LivOnLabs Vitamin C, 1 all-natural deodorant stick, 1 FaceGym training stick, 1 4oz bottle of rose oil, and 3 sticks of palo santo.

  • LivOnLabs Vitamin C: Take this master antioxidant on an empty stomach for optimal cellular health.
  • Agent Nateur Deodorant No. 5: This is the best, all-natural protection we've found. It also happens to smell intoxicatingly good.
  • FaceGym Training Stick: We love to apply to the nose, cheekbones, and forehead before we sweat. The ingredients activate as you move and sweat, leaving you with a beautiful glow.
  • Smoke Rose Oil: Apply to forearms and chest. Rose is a heart oil and aids in easing sorrow and imbuing a sense of joy, hope, and balance.
  • Palo Santo: Light, and allow the smoke to cleanse the energy around you and your mat. Create an intention for this time with yourself. Drop inward, maintaining your steady, easy breath.

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