Prayers of Honoring Voice

Prayers of Honoring Voice

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"I read a passage from Prayers of Honoring Voice every morning. I close my eyes, place my hand on top of the book, and ask what message I need for the day. I open it up to whichever page I'm guided to read and use that prayer for the day."- The Class Founder and Teacher, Taryn Toomey

Prayers of Honoring Voice focuses on the voice, as a sacred instrument worthy of honoring. These prayers encourage us to love and speak the truth, to build relational empowerment, to care about our impact, and to find the courage to say aloud what needs to be said. Each poetic prayer is a powerful spark for intimate conversations with The Source of Life As You Understand It. They are meant to gentle our self-talk, to inspire and encourage us to take more responsibility for our voices.

With compassion and devotion, Lighthorse guides us to make space for our emotions, to see things as they really are, and to fall in love with dialoguing with the Divine. The books is designed to be a companion, to carry with you on your life’s journey and to be marked up, drawn on, journalled in, personalized, and shared.

Prayers of Honoring Voice contains 28 prayers, 7 for each cardinal direction with space to the left of each prayer to journal, collage, and draw.