Forest Lungs
Forest Lungs

Forest Lungs

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A unisex anti-stress fragrance supplement that delivers nature's healing effects to the body.

Forest Lungs is a sensory supplement designed to support the reduction of everyday stress. Formulated with patented olfactory technology to replicate phyoncides (the molecular compounds produced in forests that are believed to reduce stress and anxiety and boost the parasympathetic nervous system), Forest Lungs is a woody, citrusy, smokey scent that will delight and destress its wearer.

Interaction with nature is proven to support our physiological health, and the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system is powerful. 

Forest Lungs is shown to reduce everyday stress and anxiety within 30 minutes of use, with significant effects over a 30-day period.

  • 96% felt less stressed within thirty minutes of using Forest Lungs
  • 92% felt calmer within thirty minutes of using Forest Lungs
  • 87% felt that their everyday stress levels were lower after using Forest Lungs or thirty days
  • 91% felt their anxiety levels were reduced after using Forest Lungs for thirty days

Dimensions + details: 

  • Formulated with vetiver, cedarwood, and pine
  • Unisex

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