Eclisse Triple Mirror
Eclisse Triple Mirror

Eclisse Triple Mirror

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Reminiscent of the concentric circles of The Class logo which symbolize the interruption, the chaos and discomfort in the moment, but the center that is still there on the other side. It is always there. It is you.

    Eclisse, not simply a mirror but a decorative work of art. Thanks to their eye-catching frames made up of concentric and misaligned circles, Eclisse mirrors allow for material interplay that provides depth and volume as well as a visual expansion of the space. Each mirror features an antique gold color with a bronze finish. 

    Size: 35" H x 35" W x 2" D

    Each Eclisse Triple Mirror is made custom for every purchase. For this reason, each mirror is final sale, will require 6-7 weeks for production and shipping and a flat rate for shipping.

    This product is made by a Black-owned designer.