Mala Collective

Amethyst Crystal Set

These stones empower you to connect, strengthen, and heal.

Amethyst is used as a reminder of peace and tranquility. This stone can be turned to as a physical manifestation of strengthening one's spiritual power. 

This Set by Mala Collective Includes:
-3 Amethyst Crystals
-Handmade Chindi Bag

This 100% Recycled Cotton Chindi Bag is handmade in India by male and female artisans. A traditional style of India, strips of recycled cotton have been stitched together to create sustainable materials and handcrafted products out of textile 'waste'.
Chindi Bag Size 9 x 7"

These crystals and gemstones are natural from the Earth. Which means they will vary slightly in size and color, making each one unique. 
Crystal size: 2 - 3.5 inches