We developed The Cleanse to guide you to get curious about your relationship with food, with choice, and what makes you feel good.

The Cleanse is a 10-day seasonal program designed by The Class, with recipes created by Mikaela Reuben, and guidance from triple-board certified nutritionist Dana James.

Detoxify the body with easy to follow recipes and daily curated movement sessions. Reset  the mind with daily motivation from The Class Team. Recharge  the spirit with mindful rituals and tools for wellness.

The Cleanse is a detoxifying experience for not only our physical bodies, but also for our minds and spirits.

It's rooted in the foundations of true lifestyle change and evolving our habits.

It is a chance to come into balance with our surroundings, and pay attention to what the earth is offering us this winter season. The Winter Cleanse recipes are representative of the earth’s natural rhythms and seasonally relevant foods.

The Cleanse isn't theoretical, but rather offers practical advice. It is not about deprivation, but an opportunity to reveal your most balanced, vibrant, and healthy self.

We created 3 packages to support your journey. Choose the most fitting path for you.

Get Curious  with all the basics needed to experience The Cleanse.
Go Deeper  with the Essentials Kit, which includes tools to best optimize your 10-day journey. 
Go All In  with the Complete Detox Kit designed to fully immerse you in The Cleanse lifestyle. 

This package includes The Cleanse E-Book with the basic essentials.

~ Daily Movement Sequences led by Class Teacher and Certified Nutritional Chef, Tia Spowart— designed to support you through your Cleanse journey.

~ Techniques for handling cravings, mindful routines, and rituals to replace the habits that have not been supporting your wellness goals.

~ Playlists specially created by The Class Team, designed to relax the mind and soul, while further guiding your journey.

~ Daily Messages from The Class Team.


This package includes everything from the Get Curious package, plus supporting tools.

~ A spiral-bound copy of The Winter Cleanse so you can read the recipes with more ease, and carry it with you.

~ The Cleanse Morning Flow: An adaptogen-infused blend containing the ingredients of our Morning Tonic.

The Cleanse Evening Calm:  This blend optimizes liver function, is packed with nutrients that support detoxification, and includes medicinal plants that calm the body and aid sleep.

~ Pursoma After-The-Class Bath Soak: This soak gently brings you home to your body post-workout.

~ Sage Cleansing Bundle: Raise the vibration of your space by lighting this wand of sage and palo santo—complete with a selenite crystal for peace and protection.


This package includes everything from the Get Curious  and Go Deeper packages, plus additional cleansing tools.

~ Tongue Scraper: A copper tongue scraper to remove toxins, and improve your ability to taste.

~ Body Brush: This marble dry brush stimulates blood circulation and has a myriad of health benefits.

~ Neti Pot: This gently removes mucus, respiratory irritants, and potential toxins from your nasal passages.

~ Gua Sha: This tool targets dark circles, plumps skin, and banishes bloat, targets pressure points, relaxes facial muscle, and supports lymphatic drainage.