The Summer Cleanse: Day 9

How do you feel? Take a minute to check in.

As we near the end of The Cleanse, you might be fantasizing about that one thing you’ve “given up” or perhaps you’re hoping this feeling of clarity and lightness will last. Again, this is your choice, your life. You can reincorporate anything you want. You can make The Cleanse part of your new lifestyle. Just as with The Class, it’s not about the burpee. It’s about creating awareness of your ability to choose, and then take action.  

Before you mindlessly grab for something, check in: "Why am I eating or drinking this?" If it’s because you are hungry, then satiate yourself! Bless your food, chew slowly, give thanks. But if the answer is something emotional, even if it is just boredom, then consider a path that will actually help you with what your “hunger” is really about. Take a walk in the great outdoors. Cry. Bounce. Shake. Scream. Laugh. But don't just sit there with it. Do something, then come back and reassess.

You have reset yourself. Your body can feel more of what you put in it. Listen to the feedback as you reintegrate.

This is in YOU to do. The clear space you feel is YOU. It is always there; it always has been. It’s just about accessing it, peeling away the old layers and stories and letting it come to the surface.

If you feel the desire to continue on to the next layer of clearing and healing, continue on!

How are you feeling?