The Summer Cleanse: Day 8

Welcome to Day 8. 

When I teach Class, something I am always inviting students to consider is their intention. If they want The Class to be about fitness, that is absolutely fine. If they’d like it to be a deeper self inquiry, they are welcome to have their practice be just that. So if you’re joining us for The Cleanse because it’s about the food, embrace it. 

If you are on The Cleanse to have a deeper experience with yourself, I invite you to do a deeper check in today...

This is another great opportunity to take out your notebook and do some more journaling. Answer the below questions, ask your own questions. Write it all out, read it back to yourself. Take a moment to let it sink in, to let the connection to your own self deepen. 

How are you feeling today? How have you been feeling without any animal protein? 

Have the effects of not having caffeine shifted? Typically that’s a tough one in the beginning but then we find that people start to feel less anxious. Is that your experience?

Are your cravings for sugar starting to lessen? Do you feel more sharp in any aspect of your life? How are you sleeping? How are you talking to yourself when cravings hit? From this perspective, do you feel a deeper change with your relationship to food? 

It is this kind of inquiry that has the potential to make lasting change. If you have a very sticky and old addiction or eating pattern, especially if it is during a specific time of day, you still may be in the process of letting that go. Allow for that to continue to happen. Stay with it; the end of The Cleanse is near but we are still IN it.

Sending you peace and ease.