The Summer Cleanse: Day 7

 One week. ONE WEEK! 

Remember one week ago? Remember how hard it was to BEGIN? Take a moment to reflect on the changes that have taken place in only one week. From the moments when the cravings got loud and you decided to let the energy shift, to the moments where you discovered a new sense of lightness. 

That doesn’t mean that we’re not still tempted by… oh, I don’t know WINE!? Or cookies!? Or cheese!? But when we really sit with it, we can redirect our thinking. I remind myself that I’m working hard for this clean vessel, and putting something in it that isn’t going to help me feel my best just isn’t as interesting as it used to be. 

This is the new access point. Have a new conversation. That is why we are doing The Cleanse: to get back to a clear conversation with ourselves. It truly starts from the inside.

Tonight, in support of the shift taking place, if you are able, we’d encourage you to take your salt bath. Drink 8-16 ounces of purified water before your bath, fill your tub with warm water, empty the entire contents of Pursoma After The Class Soak or your own epsom salts, and stir the bath so that the salts fully dissolve. Hop in and immerse yourself for 30 minutes. Let the bath go to work. Not only is it detoxifying the stressful impact of environmental toxicity (cell phones, laptops, pollution), but it’s also releasing the toxins you have been working so hard to rid your body and mind of during the past seven days.  

Right when you think you want to give up and the going gets really tough, that is when it is all about to SHIFT. Breathe deeply, support yourself with kindness and understanding, and stay the course. It doesn't just apply to The Cleanse, but to all things.