The Summer Cleanse: Day 6

Oh my – Day 6!

Hopefully, you are starting to feel pretty good at this point. Remember Day 1 when you had so much doubt and dread? Don't forget to look back and take note of the shift once these addictions and habits have loosened their grip.

You may find that without the habit's strong hold, you actually have new found energy. Use it! You might clean out a junk drawer, finally take care of that task you’ve been meaning to get to, reorganize the spaces around you, or simply sit with the feeling. Meditate, take a bath, breathe. Be with it. You are okay.

Your body is repairing itself on a much deeper level now because it has much more time for the organs (skin included!), cells, and blood to cleanse and heal. It is rejuvenating the vital parts of the body that were not being prioritized because the system was filled with toxins, acidity, and preservatives. Think about that. When your body has to first process all of the toxins and irritants, it doesn't have much time left for REPAIR. That is what we are allowing our system to do now. The body is using the ease of digestion and the nourishment of real food to HEAL you. You are strengthening your internal body. You may notice a shift in the emotional body with this - a more grounded, clearer self.   

Again (and always), check in with how it makes you feel, knowing that your body is in a state of transition. Over the next four days, it will begin shifting where it pulls its energy from. Be patient, be mindful, take note of how you feel each day. 

You are making great strides. Let this be an awakening.

You are doing it. YOU ARE DOING IT!

Stay the course.