The Summer Cleanse: Day 5

At the midway point, you’re either starting to feel lighter, clearer, better - OR - you are still feeling stuck. It really depends on what your habits were before you started The Cleanse. If you’ve been eating in a way that isn’t supporting your optimal health for months or even years, it would be perfectly normal for you to still be feeling the difficulty on Day 5. But remember, YOU ARE DOING IT! You are doing the work of excavating, clearing, and purifying. As the one and only Maya Angelou says, “you are en route.” 

CRAVINGS. Hellooooo cravings! No matter if you’re on or off a cleanse, cravings are real.

But let's break it down: cravings are really just energy. We hardly ever sit long enough with that sensation to know that its energy comes on strong but also can and will dissipate if you let it. In the moment it hits, you can either get sucked into that impulse OR you can notice it come up and see it as information. Right now, my body is telling me that I want to feel better.

As Dana James says in The Cleanse section on cravings, “when we feel overwhelmed, we want something to soothe us and that chemical release comes from dopamine. The quickest way to boost dopamine is to eat sweet foods. But that surge only lasts as long as the food is in our mouth, which is why we often continue eating the sweets when we know it's not aligned with our wellness goals. Other activities stimulate dopamine and these have a carryover high – food does not. Think about how you feel after meditating, bonding with friends, or practicing The Class. These are more sustainable ways to stimulate dopamine and can help you move through a craving.”

Tomorrow we transition to the next “layer” where we remove animal protein all together. This may curb cravings, or send them into a surge. Notice how you respond. This is a chance for you to see how your body feels on a lighter, more plant-based diet. Take note of your energy levels. Take note of your cravings. This is an experiment for YOU. This is information about your body, for your body.

You SO got this!
Stay the course.