The Summer Cleanse: Day 4

Hello there, Day 4!

I hope you are feeling more easeful as some of the major detox side effects move out.

Have you been having that feeling that something is “missing?” Perhaps there’s a kind of longing for one of the potential toxins you have taken out these last 4 days? For some of us that can manifest as, “ugh, I was really looking forward to my 3pm scone or 6pm glass of wine and NOW WHAT?” I know the feeling. 

As we deepen to the next layer of detoxification, we start to discover what was just filling instead of fulfilling us. By removing the things that clog our intuitive space and our connection to mind, body, and spirit, we can have a clearer conversation with ourselves.

The effect that some of these toxins have on our system is much deeper than what we might think. Maybe something in your day makes you feel angry, frustrated, or perhaps disappointed. "I need a glass of wine." So you have a glass thinking "Ah, this is what I needed." Wine creates work for the liver, taking precious energy from repairing the body while you sleep. This creates heat in the liver the next day, which draws up anger. The cycle begins. It's all so much more than meets the eye.

Begin to feel what is beneath those desires. What else could you do to fill that “emptiness?" There are more supportive ways of soothings yourself like your breath, your own reassurance, a warm bath, supportive friends. Let the body come back to homeostasis - give it some love!

How are you feeling?

Be with yourself. Be kind to yourself.

Sending warm thoughts.