The Summer Cleanse: Day 3

How are you feeling?

Today, maybe you're feeling lighter or you may be pummeled into a deep hole. Perhaps you are starting to notice your thoughts, feelings, and impulses around food. Just remember, what we feel in these first few days are just the toxins moving out!

If you are experiencing gas and bloating, this is a normal side effect of increasing your fruit and vegetable intake. Be sure to use the belly roll in the morning and any time you are feeling discomfort. It takes a few days for your system to recalibrate to the change in diet; this will shift.

A reminder about portions: eat until you feel 3/4 full and then pause. Place your fork down. Pause for 20 minutes and then see how you feel. If you are not yet feeling satisfied, then go back for some more but take this pause.

This would be a great time to look at the products you are putting on your skin. I am a strong believer in products that are paraben free. If you read the label and see the word "paraben" at the end of any other word (i.e. methylparaben), then it has parabens. You don't need to go crazy with it, but working the toxins out from the inside takes time and effort. So what you are putting back into your body and onto your skin – your largest organ – matters. Take a look at your products. 

We are about to start feeling better; we are about to find some freedom from the stickiness of habits. It is years and even decades of backlogged “sludge,” as I call it, that needs to be flushed out. You have made it this far: ONWARD! Resist the urge to drink coffee, a glass of wine, or grab for your evening sugar rush. If you find yourself in a triggering situation, say to yourself: “Here it is! Here is my chance to become stronger in the face of difficulty.”


Sending warm wishes for a restful evening.