The Summer Cleanse: Day 2

If today is tough, just know that that’s completely normal. The temptations are everywhere – the potato chips in the pantry, the ice cream in the freezer, the endless siren calls coming from your empty coffee mug. 

The mind begins “just one bite, you can have just one BITE! One sip, ONE sip of coffee and then I’ll perk up and be able to handle this day.” Here’s the thing – of course you CAN! You can do anything. You can have one bite or one sip because you are the captain of your own ship. But consider this – are you really captaining your own ship if you are controlled by that bite or that sip? 

We’re not doing The Cleanse for the sake of deprivation or restriction. We are doing this to unveil the things that have unconsciously taken power over us. It’s that feeling of “I need that gluten or dairy or sugar or or or…” If that’s the case, the real need is to take action from a place of choice instead of impulse. How do we do that? By starting a conversation with it... 

I notice that I overeat when I feel _____.

I notice that I forget to eat when I feel _____. 

I notice that I want to reach for foods that aren’t in my wellness goals when I feel _____. 

This is the deeper layer underneath the cookie or the coffee itself. This is the pattern that births the thought that feeds the impulse. Start to observe yourself in these moments as if you are watching yourself from a bird’s eye view. We’re only ever trying to feel better. So try one tool at a time: drink more water than you think because maybe you’re dehydrated. Try a breathing technique to slow your thoughts down. Try moving to give that energy an outlet. Try journaling to give that conversation somewhere to land. 

Hey. Team. YOU ARE DOING IT! And you are fine!

Stay the course. Great lightness and ease will come.