The Summer Cleanse: Day 10

Well, there you have it! We are here on Day 10, closing out The Cleanse. How are you feeling?  

You have created this clearing for yourself in only 10 days time. Remember how long 10 days sounded 10 days ago?! It doesn't need to be a fleeting thing. You can always come back to you; you now have the tools. 

This clearing has set a new bar for your health, so please reintegrate slowly. Reintroduce one potential allergen at a time for two days and feel what it is like in your body. Then remove it for a day. Reassess. From there, you can make an informed decision if it is something you want to continue on with.

If sugar was a big one for you, consider keeping it out longer than the 10 days. There are many studies that show that habits take 21 days to break, especially when it comes to the strong clutch of sugar.

If you found that over the last 5 days, your levels of anxiety increased, now you know that removing gluten or maybe animal protein may not be for you. If you noticed that you were less bloated and felt more energized, you may want to continue with this every day or every other day. 

No matter what you do after today, continue to have the conversation with yourself about what food and drink FEELS like when you ingest it. I don’t mean how it soothes a craving when it hits your mouth, but how your energy, emotional state, sleep, is affected. Keep feeling, breathing, and moving with it. It’s all information if you allow it to be. Pay attention. Listen closely. Receive the information. 

It is our highest intention to help you feel your best. We hope you'll take three minutes to answer a few questions on our survey here so we can better help you and others in the future. As a reminder, The Cleanse changes seasonally with all new recipes so don't be a stranger. Let us know if and when you need a reset. We're here.

Sending you ease, health and happiness.