The Summer Cleanse: Day 1

OOF, right? The good news is that this is probably the hardest of the 10 days. How many times did you think about pushing Day 1 to “tomorrow,” reaching for the highly processed yet oh-so-convenient protein bar, or just quietly attempted to convince yourself: “Just one cup of coffee: TODAY ONLY!” 

Those thoughts are the sounds of old patterns. And our old patterns are the strongest at the start of any new journey. Think about it like this: those thoughts, those impulses, those “needs” are just the familiarity or even the addiction, leaving the body. It’s going to come up again and again as you work toward a new way. Every time you choose to stay on the path of The Cleanse, those thoughts will lose just a little bit of their power over you. 

Deep breath.

You are fine. 

You are. 

In this moment, could it be that the difficulty in making these healthier choices is because they were there to help you deal with something emotional? We reach for snacks because we’re stressed. We reach for sugar because we want to feel comforted. And so on. 

What if, instead of following the impulse, you followed the emotion? How else can you help soothe yourself when you come up against anxiety or boredom? Well, you can start with the breath techniques and movements outlined in The Cleanse book. Those will help address the nervous system which is at the root of it all. 

Let the thoughts just be thoughts. Let the impulses just be impulses. And come back to why you’re doing this in the first place: You want to feel better. From that place, let food serve its purpose: to nourish, to heal, and to restore - not to cover up. 

Warmest thoughts for a restful night of healing.