Get Curious About Your Relationship with Food

The Cleanse is a 10-day seasonal program designed by Taryn Toomey with guidance from triple-board certified nutritionist Dana James  and recipes created by Mikaela Reuben.

Detoxify the body with easy to follow recipes and daily curated movement sessions.
Reset the mind with daily motivation from creator Taryn Toomey.
Recharge the spirit with mindful rituals and tools for wellness offered to our community though daily emails.
What is The Cleanse? 

The Cleanse is a detoxifying experience for not only our physical bodies, but also for our minds and spirits.
The Cleanse is rooted in the foundations of true lifestyle change and overcoming addiction to bad habits.
The Cleanse is how Taryn and so many of The Class team approach holistic wellness in their everyday lives.

What is The Cleanse NOT?
The Cleanse is not about deprivation.
The Cleanse is not theoretical, but rather offers actionable and practical advice.
The Cleanse is not a fad, but a decision to shed stagnant layers to reveal the underlying balanced, vibrant and healthy self.
Our daily plans will guide you through 2 tiers of detox
  • DAYS 1 - 5: limited animal protein diet of fish and eggs & removes gluten, dairy, highly processed soy, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar
  • DAYS 6 - 10: animal protein is removed all together 
The Cleanse provides you with:
  • Techniques for handling cravings, mindful routines, and rituals to replace the habits that have not been supporting your wellness goals.
  • Daily movement sequences led by Class Teacher and Holistic Nutritionist, Raj Barker. Each daily sequence is specifically designed to support where you are at throughout your progression of The Cleanse to elevate this full 360 degree journey.
  • Playlists specially created by Teachers of The Class designed to relax the mind and soul, while further motivating you to achieve your purpose.
  • Daily emails from Taryn as well as 1 on 1 support from The Team.
  • Discounts and community perks when you sign up for the daily emails.
  • New recipes, a grocery list, and daily nutritional plans that are a blend of seasonal and anti-inflammatory eating.

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