The Interiors Guide

We’re spending more time at home than ever before. Transform the energy of your space with this collection of thoughtfully curated objects, designed by artists and creatives we deeply admire. 


Designer Marie Burgos grew up in Paris, inspired by French mid-century design and the effortless luxury of her surroundings. 

Her Bride Lamp is a captivating work of art and has become a signature piece in her collection. Entirely handmade, each lampshade interacts with light distinctly — softly illuminating its surroundings.


The Cristalline uses elements of design and crystal energy to bring beauty, inspiration, and power into your home. The Clear Quartz Bud Vase is a functional way of incorporating the harmonizing energy of quartz throughout your space.
This season, we are decorating with holly stems and dried eucalyptus flowers.


Our friends at VOZ specialize in ancient weaving techniques with a mission to protect the livelihoods and cultural values of rural indigenous women around the globe. 

Featuring sacred symbology (the eye of the Goddess and our collective connection to Mother Earth), its design is both meaningful and inspiring. Connect to the beauty of this creation while wrapping yourself in indulgent warmth.


Artist Zoe Pawlak’s practice is at the heart of her studio — informing threads of experiences and transitions in her work. Through color and texture, a story unfolds and the universality of feeling takes shape.

This one-of-a-kind piece, entitled “Every Becoming,” is part of Pawlak’s figurative collection that expresses the capacity to shift and reshape after periods of unrest. 


The Class creates bundles that are sustainably and ethically sourced — harvested ways that are both respectful to the environment and spiritual origins of these medicinal plants.

To cleanse negative energy and invite clarity, growth, and healing into your space, our Cedar Copal, Lavender Mugwort, or Palo Santo Sage bundles are perfect for creating rituals and dropping inward. Beautifully crafted and practical, these also serve as thoughtful housewarming gifts.


This Howlite Crystal Set from Mala Collective is a beautiful addition to enhance the look and energy of your space.

Howlite is often used as a reminder of patience, and also acts as an energetic stimulant for emotional intelligence and expression. Place these crystals around your home to serve as gentle reminders of your intentions, while adding an elegant touch to any tabletop or counter space.


The Pagua Bay Candle is inspired by the belief that the highest form of luxury is rooted in nature.

Each vessel is handmade of beautiful, translucent clay — meaning, no two pieces are exactly alike. When lit, the candle gently illuminates, revealing a delicate honeycomb pattern — a masterfully crafted homage to honeybees, created by world-renowned designer Joe Doucet. The vessel is made to last and be treasured long after the candle burns out.