Fall 2021

A healthy diet is more than a meal plan. It’s about getting curious about your relationship with food, with choice, and with what makes you feel good. We developed The Cleanse to do just that.
The Cleanse is a 10-day seasonal program designed by The Class, with recipes created by Mikaela Reuben, and guidance from triple-board certified nutritionist Dana James
DETOXIFY the body with easy to follow recipes and daily curated movement sessions. RESET the mind with daily motivation from The Class Team. RECHARGE the spirit with mindful rituals and tools for wellness.


 The Cleanse is a detoxifying experience for not only our physical bodies, but also for our minds and spirits.
The Cleanse is rooted in the foundations of true lifestyle change and overcoming addiction to bad habits.
The Cleanse is how Taryn and so many of The Class team approach holistic wellness in their everyday lives.

What The Cleanse is NOT

The Cleanse is not about deprivation.
The Cleanse is not theoretical, but rather offers actionable and practical advice.
The Cleanse is not a fad, but a decision to shed stagnant layers to reveal the underlying balanced, vibrant and healthy self.

Choose Your Path

We've created 3 packages so you can choose the path that best supports your journey.

The first package, Get Curious, contains all the basics needed to experience The Cleanse. The Go Deeper package adds our Cleanse Essentials Kit, which includes tools to best optimize your 10-day journey. Fully immerse yourself in The Cleanse with the Go All In package, which adds in two sessions of holistic health coaching with either Raj Barker, Teacher of The Class and Holistic Nutritionist Raj Barker, or Tia Spowart, Teacher of The Class and Certified Nutritional Chef. 


Get Curious $40

Package Includes:

  • The Cleanse E-Book: New recipes, grocery lists, and daily nutritional plans that are a blend of seasonal and anti-inflammatory eating.
  • Daily Movement Sequences led by Class Teacher and Certified Nutritional Chef Tia Spowart. Each daily sequence is specifically designed to support where you are at throughout your progression of The Cleanse to elevate this full 360 degree journey.
  • Techniques for handling cravings, mindful routines, and rituals to replace the habits that have not been supporting your wellness goals.
  • Intentional Playlists specially created by The Class Team, designed to relax the mind and soul, while further guiding your journey.
  • Daily Messages from The Class Team.


Go Deeper $165

Package includes everything from the Get Curious package, plus:

  • The Essentials: A kit of the best Cleanse detox tools, delivered to your door. 
  • The Cleanse Booklet: A spiral-bound copy of The Fall Cleanse so you can read the recipes with more ease, and take it with you to the grocery store or farmer's market.
  • The Cleanse x Apothekary Morning Flow: An adaptogen-infused golden blend containing the ingredients of The Cleanse morning tonic, to be taken at the start of each day.
  • Calm Mab Sticks: A box of 28 sticks, packed with Ashwagandha, Chamomile, Hops, CBN from hemp, and Lemon Balm to get you into a state of deep relaxation as your nightly detox ritual.  
  • Pursoma After The Class Bath Soak: Specifically created to enrich the benefits of The Class, this soothing soak gently brings you home to your body post-workout, and is a Cleanse staple. Pursoma's special formula is designed to detoxify, uplift, and relieve tension, and is part of The Cleanse ritual. 
  • Eucalyptus Cleanse Bundle: Purify and raise the vibration in your space by lighting this beautiful cleansing wand of blue sage and eucalyptus, complete with a selenite crystal for peace and protection.


 Go All In $415

Package includes everything from Get Curious and Go Deeper, plus:

  • Two 40-minute Health Coaching Sessions with either Raj Barker, The Class Teacher and Holistic Health Nutritionist, or Tia Spowart, The Class Teacher and Certified Nutritional Chef.
  • Gain professional and personalized insights to your nutrition and holistic wellness with these sessions. You may uncover and unpack a lot of information about yourself and your body during and after your time with The Cleanse, and these sessions provide an outlet to discuss what came up, and learn how to best continue on your personal path of wellness. Gain unique insights and feedback to best inform your health goals, and customized support that will provide long lasting benefits. 


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