Mother is a sacred title.

This Mother's Day, we're here to help you get it right.

Because with these curated collections and a special quiz there's no way to do it wrong.

There might be no other role so dynamic, intricate, fierce, and nearly... indescribable, than that of a Mother.

It is difficult to truly grasp the enormity of motherhood and all it entails mentally, physically emotionally, and spiritually. We like to take Mother's Day as an opportunity to honor that. To pass on some love, grace, patience, forgiveness, and understanding if needed. To pass on some gratitude, admiration, and respect. Whatever it may be, we honor it, and we invite you to harness the courage to pass this love on to yourself too if you stand in the role of Mother Figure in any way.

To commemorate our Mother Figure, we are recognizing the healing powers and the gifts they've passed down to us, and giving back to them. Enough protection & strength to withstand our moody teenage years. The ability to provide unconditional divine love even when we ignored their sage advice. Grounding and stabilizing in their power to always know just what to say to restore the light in us. Soothing & calming with each long embrace, comfort meal, or drawn out phone call.

If they are a little bit of everything, our specially created quiz is here to help you nail it this year.

Whether this is a year for you to honor the memory of, to celebrate with, or to offer a gift in gratitude to your mother figure, we hope this guide serves you well this Mother’s Day. 

They make your world feel a little safer and stronger. Gifts that empower and support for the ones who protect and empower us.

Whether they are already calm, cool, and collected or could use some help to unwind, we've got the relaxation tools.

Our Mother Figures withstand a lot of upheaval – and sometimes we are at the root of that. Let's help them recenter, rebalance, and stabilize with this collection of grounding gifts.

If their love transcends language, then this is the category for you (& for them). These are the gifts that say "I love you" in more than one way.

Take the quiz to get them what they really really want.

Let's be honest, sometimes we're better off letting them choose for themselves. We have a gift card for that.

A collection of our favorite gifts for mom that won't break the bank.

And if all else fails, we're here to give you some free advice.

The least we can do is listen to them. Here is advice from The Class Teachers' greatest life teachers – their Moms.

"Darling, pick your battles." –Raj's Mom, Jaci

"Trust your gut." – Aimee's Mom, Mary

"Always use a bigger bowl." – Tia's Mom, Sandy

"Happiness is a choice." – Cristina's Mom, Gayle 

"Don't burn the candle from both ends." – Hannah's Mom, Barbara

"Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from trying." – Jaycee's Mom, Joyce