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Motherhood takes on many shapes and forms throughout our lifetime. Whether this is a year for you to honor the memory of, to celebrate with, or to offer a gift in gratitude toward anyone who has nurtured, held space, or acted as your compass, we hope this Mother’s Day guide serves that support.

If you are exploring a way to say "thank you," "I miss you," "I love you," or simply, "Happy Mother's Day," may we offer these ideas:

  • Create a ritual to honor and connect with a loved one who has passed on. Take time to write them a letter. Talk about them. Listen for their voice, their signals. Create space to celebrate a period of time that you do remember as special.
  • Take time to reflect on your own upbringing. Practice giving yourself what you need presently.
  • Give them a copy of your favorite text. Include an inscription on the first few pages as to why it speaks to you and why they might love it too.
  • Make them a home-cooked meal. We’ve included one of our favorite recipes from The Cleanse if you need a little foodspiration.
  • Make them a playlist. Teacher of The Class, and new mama Karla Misjan created one with some of her favorites to get you started.
  • Offer them a “scream out.” Hold space for them to get it out with no judgement. And if you want someone else to guide them into that space, consider our special Mother's Day Class on The Class Digital Studio.

And if you are looking for something to gift as a token of your appreciation, whether that be for a new mom, a seasoned mom, a plant mom, your "momager," or someone who cares for your heart and wellbeing, we've got you covered.

The New Mom

Stepping into motherhood is an extraordinarily profound time. Let’s help ease their metamorphosis.

This duo is designed to soothe and uplift both mama and baby — day and night.

Labradorite is known as a stone of transformation — and there may be no greater time of change than the beginning of motherhood.

Inspired by the power of mothers, this was created to be gentle, milky, and wholesome. Nutritive, complete, and balanced, this silky serum gives the skin a supple dewy texture.

A nourishing breast mask, enriched with collagen, green tea and honey to give them that ultra soft-to-the-touch and supple feeling.

Mama needs a break. This washable silk robe will work to soothe their body while the mask blocks out light and sound.

The Seasoned Mom

For when they're maxed out of robes: these are ideas for the moms who take it all on, year after year. Let them know you notice their love and care with a token of your own love and care.

If their love language is food — look no further. The Always Pan replaces your fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. You can braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil, and serve your mom!

Use code THECLASS10 for 10% off your purchase.

Moonstone supports its wearers with both strengthening and stabilizing qualities. Enjoy this beautiful set of necklaces designed for mother and child to sync up energies, and serve as a reminder of mutual love.

The facial tool that energizes, lymphatically drains, and tightens the skin, improving communication between the cells in our body and enhancing our natural beauty.

Weaves of warmth, beauty, peace, and intention for our mothers to wrap themselves in.

Chill them out with this tranquility elixir targeting cortisol level and helping deliver a peaceful night's rest.

The Momager

The one who (seemingly) has it all together, and helps you keep it together.

A luxurious way to wash off the day — effectively removing make up and deeply hydrating the skin.

The Momager is always on the move, so give them something they can jump, stomp, and sweat on without disturbing their neighbors.  

The ultimate multi-tasking reset remedy. The Altitude Oil is the do-it-all tonic perfect for when someone is in need of a soothing revival from long days spent at the desk, or when traveling.

While we may not be able to unplug as often as we would like these days, a subscription to the digital studio will get them out of their seat and back into their body.

An accessory that is simple yet sleek, that can hold all their hair back and immediately upgrade their everyday look.

The Plant Mom

Let’s face it, sometimes our babies take the form of plant life.

The gift that keeps on gifting... The Silver Lake is a luxurious and brilliantly preserved bouquet from County Line Florals honoring the storied Eastside LA neighborhood.

Lavender clears the mind and brings peace, joy, and healing to the home. It is an herb of love and friendship.

There are endless ways to enjoy the benefits of plants. Why not let their body, face, and hair bask in its nourishing splendor?

Recreate a spa-like experience at home for them with (you guessed it) plants! This organic herbal bath soak is designed to soothe, heal, and relax.

Jade Plants are symbolic of growth, renewal, and prosperity. Popularly thought of as good luck charms, they also happen to be easy to maintain, making them a lovely and meaningful gift.


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