The Act of Mothering

Mother's Day fills us with emotions—for those we love, for those we've lost, for those we've yet to embrace but hold dearly in our hearts. If you look around at the women in your circle, you'll find that every one of them has mothered someone in her lifetime—a child, perhaps, but no doubt herself, as well. And so it is in this vein that we celebrate the mother figures in our lives whose love and kindness light the way. We hope that this collection of gifts helps bring joy to the mother figures in your life, a role worth celebrating every day of the year.

She makes the best chicken soup, gives hugs like no other, and it feels like home when you're with her.

She's your loudest cheerleader, your go-to when you need advice, and your top choice to  hang with when you have a moment to spare.

She's had your back for as long as you can remember, is your emergency contact and confidante, and guards your secrets like her own.

She's been caring for others for so long, it's as if she was made for this role.