Family Airelumes

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The Layer

This is a set of two necklaces that are energetically complimentary: Moonstone and Ruby. Peach moonstone is a gentle, loving stone that supports the heart and stimulates the mind, while ruby enhances bravery, passion and inner strength. Fire and Earth.

Mini Round Necklace in Rainbow Moonstone

Give her the moon(stone). This is an ideal stone for anyone starting a new path, unsure of where it leads. Moonstone is commonly known as the stone of "new beginnings" and supports its wearer with both strengthening and stabilizing energies.

Sapphire Pear Earrings

Something to make her smile, from ear to ear. Sapphire is known as a stone of wisdom. This is ideal for anyone in the process of looking inward and connecting to her innate wisdom.

Trapezoid Necklace in Aquamarine

An ocean of loveliness. This is known as the “stone of courage” – calming fears and phobias with its soothing energy. It can be especially helpful in overcoming fears while traveling or public speaking.