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We told you what the crystal meanings are, but now we want to tell you what crystals mean to us at The Class.

"Crystals to me are one of the easiest way to bring positive energy in your life. If all matter has a vibrational energy, these beauties are no different and contain some of the strongest currents." -- Soeuraya Wilson, Teacher of The Class (and Crystal Enthusiast) . "They are so much more to me than rocks."

The practice of wearing crystals for their energetic properties dates back to talismans and amulets worn 10,000 years ago. Ancient civilizations observed the way minerals transmitted various energies and integrated them into their daily rituals. Crystals have been used for healing purposes, and are referenced in "magic formulas" dating back to ancient history.

So it isn't exactly new (or surprising to us) that crystals have become widely used, researched, and popular in recent times.

While crystals each have their own meaning and purpose, we believe the power of crystals lies within the individual's intention. If it is just a beautiful stone to you, that is wonderful. We think they are beautiful too! If you feel that your amethyst calms you down, and that your selenite protects you, we believe this to be true too. Just like how The Class can simply be a workout, or it can manifest itself as a much deeper spiritual practice, we ultimately believe the power to create meaning goes back to the intention. This is exactly how we approach crystals in our lives and daily practices.

The Class History

The Class’s personal relationship with crystals goes way back – but we’ll start from 2016 when we were in the process of building our first home, our studio in Tribeca. Hidden underneath the floorboards in the studio are crystals, placed and sourced very intentionally. With the help of our friends at The Cristalline, the studio is embedded with tourmaline, onyx, pyrite, amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz to create an energetically balanced aura. Not only that, but the design under the floorboards takes the form of a crystal grid.

The entry way and elevator shaft, which are portals from the outside into the studio, are thick with black onyx and tourmaline because those are passages that withdraw energy. The internal grids of the floors are filled with amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz. "Amethyst is for processing, clear quartz is for clearing both ways, and rose quartz is for love. These were very intentionally chosen and laid." Says Taryn of the crystal selection process. The spot right under where the teacher mat is positioned is triple-lined with crystals. It is filled with pyrite and tourmaline to be exact, with the intention to protect and push energy outwards into the room.

When asked about her own, as well as The Class's, relationship with crystals, Taryns says, "Anything that helps the body recalibrate and bring in some earth, matters to me. I like facts and understanding the science and the history behind things, but I also very much believe in the energetics of intention and connection to the great spirit and divine. The idea of crystals being part of the earth always made sense when thought of in connection to my practices of The Class because that is a lot of what The Class is – getting back into your own body and connecting to a higher power. Bringing crystals into that work was natural, and honestly didn't requite a lot of thought."

Crystal Uses

You might be drawn to a specific stone's energy, but once you have it with you, you may not be sure how to begin to harness its powers. A good place to start is to simply hold it in your hands. Sit with it while you meditate. Set it on your desk while you write. Place it on your altar, or around your practice space where you host your movement. Gift one to a friend that signifies something meaningful to them can be a thoughtful way to let them know you are listening and supporting.

We at The Class have found power in wearing crystals on the body. Our first signature piece of jewelry from The Airelume collection is a necklace, with one crystal on a chain, and the stone resting on the chest near the heart space. We asked Taryn about her own ritual of wearing these stones, which started back when she was a teen. "When I was in my early teens I bought a clear quartz crystal that was on a long silver chain. And I used to wear it over my heart and dip it in rose oil. I remember that always being a symbol for me that I was protecting my heart and that I was trying to draw in love." Taryn still has this pendant from her childhood today.

Soeuraya also shares ways to use crystals beyond wearing them. "Want to harbor self love? Sleep with the rose quartz under your pillow. Looking for truth in all the wrong places? Keep your Amazonite in your pocket. On the days when I couldn’t quite find the rituals or thoughts to keep me grounded or in my authentic being, all I had to do was pick up a crystal that felt like it was calling to me. Eventually I started to collect them, and now have crystals everywhere. I use them when I'm teaching at the head of my mat. I keep them in my car while I’m driving. In my pockets while I’m walking."

And let's not discredit the fact that crystals are gorgeous statement pieces, and simply a visual pleasure. We love to use crystals to amplify the energy of our surroundings, as well as to be focal pieces of our decor. Taryn says, "I've also found them to be beautiful, and I feel through my eyes. It's something that comes from the earth, that creates a feeling for me, which is why crystals have become such a big part of even just the decor in my space and in The Class studios."

When you begin to actually put your crystals to use, the understanding that you are creating intention around something that you are being drawn to is a good way to get started. Taryn agrees, "Creating awareness around it is really all you need to do to begin. Let the crystal be an object that reminds you of that thing in any way that resonates with you - it's a tool."

Caring for your Crystals

Now that you know what crystal is calling out to you, and you know how you intend to use it, the next piece is figuring out how to take care of it. Crystals are pretty low maintenance, but to keep your crystal in full power, like most things that are energetically driven, it may need a little charging and cleansing.

This can be as simple as rinsing them under water to keep them clean. A Class-favorite ritual is smudging crystals with one of our cleansing wands. Each time somebody chooses an Airelume, whether online or in person, we give the piece a palo santo cleansing. Taryn says it best: "It always goes back to the intention of the act. Not whether or not it is 'doing the thing.' It is what you give it value to be."

If you wanted to go a little deeper with a cleansing crystal ceremony, you can put your stone in some salt water, and charge it under a new moon or full moon. You can do a bath with epson salts and crystals to really (literally) submerge yourself. Our Pursoma Bath Soak has a a little surprise crystal in each bag for this purpose.

Caring for your crystal is another way to keep up with the intention behind why the crystal called to you in the first place. You may find your crystal doesn't require any cleansing or charging for you to get full use out of, and that is more than okay.

No matter what your ritual ends up being, as long as you are following the feeling and listening to your intuition, we trust your crystal journey will be a rewarding one.


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