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“In whatever way you choose to use this book, my prayer is that you encounter a message that calls the scattered pieces within you back to wholeness.”

Created by Octavia Raheem, Gather is an insightful, awakening, and emotional collection of poetry, sayings, and ideas to utilize during your spiritual journey. These collections are broken into three sections:

GATHER ANCESTORS: When I put down what is not mine to carry, I am free. 
GATHER COURAGE: You won’t fit some places anymore.
GATHER REST: Sometimes the next right step is to pause.

“Octavia Raheem is a mother, yoga teacher, and writer. She grew up in Gainesville, Georgia, a place that will forever soak her roots in red clay. She is the co-owner of Sacred Chill {West} in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also the founder of Starshine & Clay Yoga Retreats For Women of Color and Held Mentor program for yoga teachers and wellness workers.”

Pages: 140

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