The Journey Bundle

The Journey Bundle

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This bundle is designed to enhance and support your experience of The Journey.

Including a Lavender Cleansing Bundle, Pursoma Bath Soak, The Class Notebook and Pencil set, and The Clear The Air Candle, this assortment has our go-to selections to help you go deeper in your The Journey experience. 

This is a two-day summit of movement, speakers, meditation, music and healing modalities to fuel inner and external positive transformation. 

Clear The Air Candle: Refreshen and awaken the skin and senses with this naturally scented cotton blossom soy-blend wax candle. Fill your space with fresh and cleansing aromas to add comfort and ease to your time with The Journey. 

Lavender Cleansing Bundle: Set up your space will with this cleansing bundle crafted from organically farmed mugwort, and lavender, assembled artfully with natural hemp twine. Lavender clears the mind and brings peace, joy, and healing to the home, while Mugwort helps us to release our wild, untamed selves, enhancing dreams and visions.

Pursoma Bath SoakSpecifically formulated to enrich the benefits of The Class, this soothing soak gently brings you home to your body post-workout. The soak relieves muscle tension and soreness, and each bath includes a handpicked crystal to help reset and balance your body's energy. The perfect supplement to Mama Medicine's bath ritual session.

The Class Notebook & Pencil Set: Throughout the course of The Journey, or any session of The Class, we encourage students to take a moment to pause, reflect, and make a deeper connection with your thoughts. This lined journal is imprinted with The Class logo and the perfect destination to give your inner dialogue an outlet, complete with a pencil set engraved in our favorite quotes from The Class teachers.