Plant Milk

Plant Milk

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Nutritive, complete and balanced, Plant Milk is a milky emulsion of botanical extracts created to nurture and soothe delicate skin. 

Plant Milk utilizes the seed, root, leaf, petal, and fruit of potent plant remedies such as White Lily, Mountain Arnica, and Milk Thistle. This silky serum is a versatile day treatment to wear under a favorite cream or on its own, imparting a dewy sheen to skin.

Gently warm 1-2 droppers full between the fingertips, pressing into the skin like a serum. Using gentle circular motions, massage into skin, activating micro-circulation and oxygenation. Finish by sweeping out from the corners of the eyes and down towards the earlobe. Plant Milk offers a lasting and light layer of protection, but for additional strengthening of skin’s protective barrier, layer underneath a moisturizer.

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