Lavender Cleansing Bundle
Lavender Cleansing Bundle

Lavender Cleansing Bundle

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By lighting this beautiful lavender and mugwort cleansing wand you will banish unwanted energy while bringing clarity and light to your sacred space. 

This bundle of lavender, mugwort, and selenite is perfect for creating a ritual and for gift-giving to yourself and others.

Light the lavender and mugwort bundle and allow the smoke to cleanse the energy around you. Sit tall. Close your eyes. Lay your hands on your heart and breathe deeply. Create an intention for this time with yourself. Drop inward, maintaining your steady, easy breath.

Do you feel that? Remember. That's you.

Each wand is hand-wrapped and a unique work of natural art, that is infused with love and cleansing energy. Crafted from organically farmed mugwort, and lavender, bundled with natural hemp twine. 

Mugwort helps us to release our wild, untamed selves. It encourages connect with the divine feminine within and opens the third eye, enhancing dreams and visions.

Lavender clears the mind and brings peace, joy, and healing to the home. It is an herb of love and friendship. Lavender is wonderful to burn when you need a creativity boost.