Altitude Oil
Altitude Oil

Altitude Oil

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The ultimate multi-tasking reset remedy, carry this inhalation essence with you at all times to keep a clear head and energize your mind when constantly on the go.

Inhale when in need of a lift through long days at your desk in stale air or when traveling on planes, buses and trains. Think of Altitude Oil as a do-it-all tonic to simultaneously soothe, revive and thrive when you’re rushed off your feet. This is the handbag must-have for all - a naturally potent pick me up. Just a few deep breaths of this of lovingly created, sensory blend of luxurious plant oils throughout a busy day counteracts a multitude of modern day stresses.

Sprinkle a few drops on a tissue, or place a dab under each nostril. Breathe deeply to clear your head, chest and airways and stimulate your senses. Life hack - put a few drops inside one of your The Class Face Masks for instant reprieve when you leave home. 

Meticulously sourced to ensure only proven, pure nutrients that your body can actually benefit from are used. All ingredients are natural and formulated in the lab of de Mamiel in the UK. Everything is functional, including the jars the product is stored in, which is violet glass to preserve the vitality of our intelligent ingredients.

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