Obsidian Crystal Set
Obsidian Crystal Set
Obsidian Crystal Set

Obsidian Crystal Set

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These stones empower you to find strength, balance, and confidence.

This crystal set is meant to inspire you in your practice. We like to use these crystals to set intentions, clear spaces, and encourage grounding. We place them around our home to remind us of our intentions, and carry them with us for wellbeing. We hope they inspire you to live with intention.

Obsidian is a reminder to dispel negativity. Placing this stone around your home can inspire balance and help one feel more grounded, fearless and confident. 

This set by Mala Collective includes:

  • 3 Obsidian Crystals, 2 - 3.5" 
  • Handmade Chindi Bag, 5 x 8"
  • Intention Card

This 100% Recycled Cotton Chindi Bag is handmade in India by male and female artisans. A traditional style of India, strips of recycled cotton have been stitched together to create sustainable materials and handcrafted products out of textile 'waste'.

Each crystal and gemstone is from the earth, which means they will vary slightly in size and colorThis Obsidian is mined in Mexico and Brazil.

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