Rice Bran & Pomegranate Facial Cleansing Oil
Rice Bran & Pomegranate Facial Cleansing Oil

Rice Bran & Pomegranate Facial Cleansing Oil

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a deep, and natural cleanse.

This luxurious cleansing oil is made with rice bran, pomegranate, and castor seed oils to sooth, replenish, and hydrate the skin while cleaning the pores. Pink grapefruit, red mandarin, lemon peel, and bergamot provide a gently uplifting citrus scent.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin and efficient enough to remove makeup, dirt, and unnatural face oils. 


    • Rice bran oil: a moisturizer that brightens the skin and contains antioxidants, a valuable nutrient for very dry skin.
    • Pomegranate oil: anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects on the skin. Assists in skin regeneration and skin elasticity, and is wonderfully nourishing for the skin. 
    • Castor seed oil: a viscous oil with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s often used as a “dirt magnet” to remove makeup and cleanse skin, and as a skin conditioning agent. 
    • Pink grapefruit: helps to reduce excess oiliness while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Grapefruit oil has antimicrobial and anti-fungal effects.
    • Red mandarin: possesses an aroma which is both uplifting and deeply relaxing.
    • Lemon peel: able to reduce both pigmentation and oil on facial skin.
    • Bergamot fruit has antibacterial and balancing properties which make it excellent for use on oily skin.