Vitamin C Toner Spray

This hydrating double threat of toner and serum all-in-one promotes brighter, supple and firmer skin. It is all natural and contains no water, no chemicals, no alcohol, and does not oxidize.

This potent product enhances your skin's natural beauty while protecting your face, neck and chest from environmental damage. It is made with powerful, pure ingredients that are known to reduce under eye circles and fine lines, fight against acne, reduce skin discoloration, speed up the healing process of scars and stimulate collagen production. Suitable for all skin types and environmentally packaged in a porcelain bottle.

Insider tip: Keep the bottle in your refrigerator and spritz on the face for a no-frills luxurious cool-down during the summer heat!

Ingredients: aloe, witch hazel, strawberry, guava, green tea, cucumber peel, sea buckthorn, botanical extracts, and clementine.  

This product is made by a Black-owned business.