3rd Ritual Polygon + Earth Set
3rd Ritual Polygon + Earth Set
3rd Ritual Polygon + Earth Set

3rd Ritual Polygon + Earth Set

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A set for restoration and relaxation. 

The Polygon: A tool for releasing tension and promoting relaxation, the polygon helps access trigger points and increase circulation. You can use the polygon to gently massage your jaw, neck, and forearms, lie on it to target those hard-to-reach knots, or place it beneath the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet to improve mobility and boost immunity.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are pathways through which Qi (vital energy) flows and they can become blocked or imbalanced, causing discomfort. Applying pressure to the points along our meridians (a technique also known as acupressure) is one of the most effective ways to restore balance in the body.

100% Sandalwood
Made in Guangzhou, China
3″ Diameter

Earth Cream: A 60ml balancing blend of vetiver, pink pepper, and rosewood, carried by a rich cream infused with purifying Neem extract and Kaolin clay. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Earth element is important during times of transition — a reminder of stability amid moments of continual flux. This blend inspires the groundedness that comes from harmonious mind-body connection with a luxurious, moisturizing cream.

Designed to restore overworked hands and feet, Earth supports practices like reflexology and self-massage. This natural blend contains 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts, and is free from phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrance.

Top Notes: Pink Pepper and Ylang Ylang
Middle Notes: Cardamom, Cypress, and Vetiver
Base Notes: Rosewood and Tobacco

 Set Comes with 1 polygon and 1 Earth