The Class x Routine Collection Kit
The Class x Routine Collection Kit
The Class x Routine Collection Kit

The Class x Routine Collection Kit

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Get all your favorites from the class x routine collaboration in a beautiful and very giftable gift box. 

The Class partnered with Routine to create a custom all natural products for your beauty and skincare routine, containing only clean and wholesome ingredients. All products are made in The Class custom scent, created to deliver a subtle yet notable scent. Bold with a gentle finish. Modern sensibility with hints of ancient wisdom. Tonka bean as the top note lends a slightly sweet, energetic aroma. Amyris in the middle for a deep, sultry smokiness along with ambrette seed diffusing a gentle (plant based) musk. Rounded off with the aromatic and wise incense-like scents of sandalwood and precious orris root. 

What's in the box:

  • Deodorant JarEthically crafted with the health of the planet and its roommates as priority, Routine deodorant enhances your natural pheromone scent, instead of masking it. 50g deodorant with mini rose, snow, or clear quartz crystal in each reusable glass jar.
  • Deodorant Stick: The same formula as our staple deodorant jar, packaged in a stick for a more convenient on-the-go application process. 
  • The Dream Cream A deeply hydrating, seriously nourishing body cream that delivers key nutrients to feed your skin with botanical infused nourishment. 
  • Face and Body Oil Multipurpose for every part of your routine, and every part of your body, from head to toe. We love using this oil in the shower or bath, to remove make up, shave, repair split ends, as a hair mask, a massage oil, or as a general nourishing face and body hydrator. 
  • The Shampoo Deeply nourishing for great hair manageability, instant conditioning, reinforces strands for improved strength. cleanse your locks while also delivering key nutrients. 
  • The Conditioner this conditioner nourishes your hair for silky, soft, and strong locks.
  • Solid Perfume Formulated with a base of jojoba, apricot oil, cocoa butter & beeswax, and essential oils. Layer with different perfumes and deodorants to fully customize your own essence. This scent is subtle and natural enough to be mixed, yet bold enough to stand on its own if that is preferred.

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