Pagua Bay Candle
Pagua Bay Candle
Pagua Bay Candle

Pagua Bay Candle

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Inspired by the belief that the truest luxury is nature, this fragrance was created to transport your mind, body and spirit. 

Nature is a luxury that should never be taken for granted. Isle de Nature not only captures the exquisite indigenous scents of remote island paradises, but nurtures those havens by supporting the local bee populations in order to help reinforce and rebuild their ecosystems. 

This scent is inspired by the small island nation of Dominica in the West Indies. The fragrance combines the essence of the local bay leaf with native spices, florals and woods – providing a breathtaking, sensory journey where treetops meet ocean and subtle notes float on cool tropical breezes. These sustainable and non-toxic candles are made with pure Dominican beeswax blended with sustainable soy wax and coconut oil. Once the wax blend is perfected, high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance oil is added to create a slow-burning, high throw, clean blend for you to enjoy.

Each vessel is handmade in the USA of beautiful translucent clay. No two pieces are exactly alike. When lit, the candle gently illuminates from within to reveal the delicate honeycomb pattern within, a masterfully crafted homage to honeybees created by world-renowned designer Joe Doucet. The candle vessel is made to last forever and be treasured so that you can hold onto it once your candle is finished.

Burn time: about 40 hours
Wick: double and made of cotton

This product is made by a Black-owned business.

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