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As we shift into a new season, in more ways than one, it is a good time to pause and reflect on the ways we are taking care of ourselves as we, and the world around us, transition. Summer is universally associated with lightness, vitality and heat. You may notice yourself buzzing with excitement, or perhaps you might find yourself overwhelmed. The fiery sun’s presence giving us longer days tells us we should be doing more, exerting more energy. While this has beautiful potential to energize, it can also exhaust. And thus, we use this as a reminder to check in on the way we might be either nourishing or depleting ourselves - on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Each season we go through different motions of adjustment. While this is often symbolic and metaphoric, there is also an indisputable truth: the earth rotates on its axis, periods of sunlight shift, and based on these cycles of changes, nature presents us with new plants and produce. If we consider that everything around us has its own unique energy, then in order to come into balance with our surroundings, we must pay attention to what the earth is offering, and when.

Seasonal eating puts our body’s rhythm back into harmony with our natural environment. This is why The Cleanse is always created with seasonally relevant recipes and ayurvedic cleansing rituals. When we consume what the earth naturally wants to grow, then our own frequency, our energy, our vibration comes into equilibrium with our conditions. When we aren’t prioritizing our health, or this holistic balance, we may continue walking around in a state of bloating, inflammation, or general discomfort without even realizing it as such. Alternatively when we eat foods that the earth naturally provides us, and nourish the body, the digestive system can work efficiently and allow more energy to be spent on repair.

We offer The Cleanse because we want to arm people with the right tools and information to find balance in their lives from a holistic perspective. We see that the journey of nutrition often goes far beyond the food - it is also about the thought behind the food, and how that might shift your general energy, and how that impacts your mood, and how that affects your skin, and how that changes your behavior, and so on. Nourishing our bodies with wholesome, healthy foods does so much more for our health than what meets the eye. It’s time to shed the layers that have kept us in a state of unclarity, and make room for the new light and life that we get to welcome in this summer. The Summer Cleanse is here to help us get closer to understanding our relationship with food. From there, we can unveil any habits or behaviors we might experience that no longer serve us - and then shed them so we can restore balance.

Curious about The Summer Cleanse?

Our detox practices collection was created to enrich the benefits of The Cleanse, and to help you to take your toxin-elimination one step further. Whether these ritualistic tools help cleanse your space, detoxify your skin, clear the mind, or flush out the gut, there is something here for anyone interested in working from the inside out.


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