You can probably sense a change in the air...

... in all the ways. The sun is starting to shine a little brighter, any remnants of winter snow are melting away, and there’s a general feeling of renewal imminently lingering. We recently entered the Spring Equinox, which is also the first day of the astrological new year, signaling growth and light.

The spring time is often associated with feelings of rebirth, fertility, and harmony. If you’ve found yourself wavering on any resolutions you set out in the New Year, this marks another opportunity to recommit, or perhaps better yet: reconsider, and allow yourself to change your path. It is a time where innate creativity is unleashed and new projects are born.

For the next three months, the nights will grow shorter, and the days will last a little longer as the sun spins through the zodiac signs of spring. These signs, considered to be the most youthful, are Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

It is likely that either yourself or someone in your life was born in the spring - and therefore identifies as one of these signs. With some guidance from the stars, we put together a gift guide that can help you make your loved one’s upcoming birthday a little brighter. Pick out a gift that speaks to your beloved Aries fiery spirit, your cherished Taurus’ grounded soul, and your adored Gemini’s spontaneous energy. Let’s commemorate this special lap around the sun with something that tells them you really get them - and maybe even studied their birth chart.


March 21 - April 19

As the first sign in the zodiac new year, the presence of an Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. Thanks to its ruling planet Mars (the planet of sex, war and action), and the fact that it belongs to the element of fire, Aries is known to be one of the most active zodiac signs. It is in an Aries’ nature to act with courage, determination, confidence and enthusiasm. They possess youthful strength and energy, ruling and leading with the head. Aries are bold and passionate leaders who likely are drawn to stimulating activity, bright colors, or an eye-grabbing pattern. They also often need reminding to slow down and take a moment for themselves.


With their ruling planet in Mars and desire for stimulating activity - this sex journal is perfect for an Aries as a practical and fun way to enhance human connection.


Aries is going to need this triple-walled, vacuum-insulated bottle (complete with removable tea infuser and sleek loop cap) to stay hydrated as they are always on-the-move.


Bright and multicolored, these crystals will attract the eye of an Aries while also promoting peaceful and calming energies.


Not all heroes wear capes -- but your Aries friend deserves one. This cotton jute cape with layered knots is both a statement piece and a gorgeous way to complement any outfit with both meaning and style.


Like we said, Aries like to move! Gift them this moisture-absorbing, natural rubber mat, perfectly paired with a Digital Subscription to The Class.


April 20 - May 20

Tauruses have a reputation for enjoying some of the finer things in life, so when sourcing a gift for one, it may feel intimidating. As earth signs, Tauruses are focused on the material - things they can touch, taste, feel, and really sense. This doesn’t mean a Taurus is hard to please; often, they are most content when relaxing at home surrounded by candlelight, indulging in comfort, self-care, or a good meal. Our Venus-ruled friends are characterized as strong, grounded, and sensual. They love anything that comes from a place of thoughtfulness, or an affectionate gesture.



This set is luxurious and low maintenance, just like a Taurus.


Tauruses don’t necessarily need help winding down, but they do take their rest & relaxation seriously, so give them something that will level up their bedtime rituals.


Grounding, earthy, and alluring, this candle was practically made for this earth sign.


The Taurus birthstone Emerald is also associated with Venus, which is Taurus's ruling planet, making it its planetary stone. Emerald is known as a stone of unconditional and universal love, promoting compassion, vitality, rebirth, as well as emotional healing.


The best gift for a Taurus doesn’t have to cost a thing - a personal massage. This oil can help take things up a notch, though.


May 21 - June 20

As air signs, Geminis are known to be curious, whimsical and expressive with strong opinions and personalities. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis tend to be talkative and fast-moving. Also known as “the twins,” Gemini is the multi-tasker, shape-shifting, versatile friend who has a serious love for life, and is eager to experience all it has to offer. Getting a Gemini a gift in sync with their passions means getting them something that speaks to their lively, fun, festive and bold personalities.



This handmade hair clip is two-sided in complementary blue hues. Made with natural and eco-friendly material, nothing speaks to a Gemini like something that enables their multidimensional style.


Multifunctional and eye-catching, this beautiful pearly shade creates a subtle dewy radiance for a nourishing and attention-grabbing glow.


Known to clear channels to enhance communication, soothe the emotional body, and overcome fears, aquamarine is the perfect stone to enhance a Gemini’s positive qualities while assisting communication skills.


This cruelty-free and vegan nail polish comes in a set of three different shades to match your Gemini friend’s every mood: Peach Quartz, Solar Eclipse, and Smokey Sage.


Geminis can be unpredictable. Let them choose for themselves with a gift card to the shop with all their favorites.


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