Frequently Asked Questions

The Cleanse

Yes, there is absolutely a vegan option. On days 1-5, animal proteins account for no more than 25% of a day's meal plan. Furthermore, if you are vegan or vegetarian, we recommend simply replacing the fish and eggs with your preferred form of protein (excluding processed soy). Or, you can select any of our vegan recipes to use in place of the non-vegan meal that may have been recommended for that day. Of the 24 recipes we have in this cleanse, only 5 of them include animal protein, so there are numerous delicious options available you can use as a substitution! There are many people who are vegan who still participate in The Cleanse with us.

You can choose your own start date! You will have the opportunity to select the day you wish to begin receiving your daily guidance emails which will include the daily movement sequences. The Cleanse is a flexible program in terms of when you wish to begin.

If you sign up to receive the Daily Emails, you will receive a prep email at 6am the day prior to your start date. From there on out, you will receive your daily emails at 6pm your local time each evening.

1. Check your spam folder.

2. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters - you can subscribe at the bottom of this page.

3. Email if you are still encountering issues.

As long as you download your e-book, you will have access to that indefinitely. The movement sessions you receive in your daily emails will expire at the end of each Cleanse season.